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Nuffic Netherlands Education Support Offices (Nuffic Nesos) can provide you with information on international courses, education programmes or trainings. They also organise pre-departure briefings for students preparing to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s or PhD degree or short course in the Netherlands. They all have websites in the local language:


Scientific Institutes

Besides the Nuffic Neso offices, you can find Dutch Scientific Institutes Abroad (or NWIB, the abbreviaton of the Dutch name) all around the world, that provide information about studying in Holland in general. They act as contact points for all students and scholars from the host countries who are seeking contact with Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences. These NWIB’s are jointly administered by six Dutch universities:

  1. University of Amsterdam;
  2. VU University of Amsterdam;
  3. Utrecht University;
  4. Leiden University;
  5. University of Groningen;
  6. Radboud University Nijmegen.

More information about the NWIB’s can be found on www.ru.nl/nwib.


    The Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo
    1 Dr. Mahmoud Azmi Street

    +20 2 2738 25 22
    +20 2 2738 25 23


    The Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo is an academic centre, which provides services for scholars and students from the supporting universities. These activities mainly relate to the fields of Arabic & Islamic studies, Egyptology, archaeology and papyrology, although the institute also represents the universities in other disciplines and on a more general level.?


      The Netherlands Institute at Athens
      Makri 11
      117 42 Athens

      T +30 210 9210760 (or +30 210 9210761)
      F +30 210 9210770


      The NIA represents six Dutch universities in Greece and informs the Greek public on Dutch academic research and on opportunities to study in the Netherlands. The NIA offers Dutch scholars and students the opportunity to conduct their research in Greece. The results are presented through lectures, seminars and colloquia. The NIA also organizes art presentations and other cultural activities such as concerts and literary presentations. The cultural activities of the NIA are often carried out in cooperation with other Dutch or Greek institutions.


        NWIB in Florence

        The Dutch University Institute for Art History in Florence
        Viale Torricelli 5
        50125 Florence

        +39 55 221612
        +39 55 221106


        The Dutch University Institute for Art History in Florence, founded in 1958, promotes research on Italian art, on Dutch and Flemish art and artists in Italy and on the rich tradition of artistic exchange and mutual influence between Italy and the North. It provides scholars and students from the Netherlands and elsewhere with accommodation as well as research and publication opportunities. These scholars and students can also use the institute’s library in Florence, a city with extraordinary resources for art historical research and international academic training and exchange. In addition the institute publishes scholarly works and organizes lectures, conferences and exhibitions.

        NWIB in Rome

        The Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR)
        Via Omero 10/12
        00197 Roma

        +39 06 3269621
        +39 06 3204971


        The KNIR is an interuniversity research and education institute specializing in history, art history and archaeology.?


          The Netherlands Institute in Morocco (NIMAR)
          9, rue Moulay Abdelaziz
          Hassan – RABAT

          +212 537 66 85 00
          +212 537 76 84 07


          NIMAR supports, stimulates and facilitates exchanges and cooperation between Morocco and the Netherlands in the field of higher education and scientific research.?


            The Netherlands Institute in Saint-Petersburg (NIP)
            WestPost # 837
            P.O. Box 109
            53101 Lappeenranta

            +7 812 327 0887?
            +7 812 718 1939


            The NIP is a representative of Dutch universities in the north-west of Russia. Part of its educational mission consists of promoting information about higher education opportunities in the Netherlands amongst Russian students. Another part of its mission is to increase the number of people interested in research and cultural cooperation between Russia and the Netherlands.

            The NIP also supports Dutch language and literature and Russian language and literature studies in Russia and the Netherlands respectively. On the cultural side, the NIP represents the Netherlands and its historic and cultural background through participation in joint Russian and Dutch projects, as well as international events.?


              The Netherlands Institute for higher education Ankara (NIHAnkara)
              Koza Sokak 111
              06700 Gaziosmanpa?a

              +90 312 437 33 47
              +90 312 437 33 42


              NIHA’s mission is to contribute to the internationalization of the Higher and Vocational Education in the Netherlands by acting as a promoter and intermediary.

              The work areas, objectives and target groups have been chosen in such a way that NIHA can fulfil this mission. In addition, NIHA aims to promote the internationalization of Dutch higher education by:

              • actively supporting the cooperation between the Netherlands and Turkey in the field of higher education;
              • supporting and supplying the direct cooperation between higher education institutions in both countries, including the introduction and exchange of professors and students, the acquisition of scholarships and the promotion of scientific research;
              • recruiting highly-talented Turkish students to continue their study in the Netherlands or to start scientific research activities in the Netherlands.